Reasons why you should equip yourself with spiritual love spells

Advices Given by top spiritual herbalist you should read and understand

If you have been one of those hesitating to involve yourself into protecting your sweet relationship because of your knowledge ,religion, not believing in these things, Then i could laugh at you because you are at risk of losing your sweetheart  to someone who is using this kind of services. Learn more

If you are in a relationship and your lover is not committing or is taking time to decide if he or she wants to get married to you or not then these marriage spells could be used.

You need the Marry Me Spell if:

•You want to spend the rest of your life with your partner.
•You are nervous about popping the question.
•You are unsure what your partner’s response will be.
•You have a partner who is afraid to committee.
•You are afraid you may lose your partner.
•You and your partner have been together too long.



The Love Spell
Summon the spirits to try and improve a current relationship or start a new one with our classic love spells.

Retrieve a Lover
If you long for the return of a lost lover…there is something you could do about it!

Heal My Relationship Spell
Try and Align your spirit with your loved one and put your relationship back on the same track!

The Way We Were
A unique love spell cast in your behalf to possibly return you and your lover to the way you were when the love was still young and hot.

Give Me My Love!!
A Love Spell to bring back your love quickly and unconditionally!!

Stop Your Breakup Spell
If your relationship is on the edge of disaster, you must contact me immediately.

Starting Over Spell
Perhaps it’s time to get rid of all the baggage and wipe the slate clean.

The Reconciliation Spell
Establish an unbreakable bond between the two of you!

Shower Me With Love
An incredible love spell to help you find the person that will Shower You With Love.

The Forgive Me Spell
If a past mistake is haunting you, preventing the two of you from reuniting, don’t give up.

Mend a Broken Heart
Your broken heart could be fixed!

Written by doctor moosa An active spiritual traditional doctor who have spiritual healing skills in south Africa. He cast a very effective black magic spells and uses mixtures of herbal medicine combined with powerful Ancestral Spirits to heal and solve most of problems and sicknesses failed to be healed by other types of doctors or healers. Continue to read more about him through this site..



Sangoma Doctor Moosa is a Powerful South African Useful Sangoma

What You Could See Here Is What You Could Get To Help You.

if you need a quick assistance come to capetown south Africa and find the best healer Doctor Moosa
One of the most powerful spiritual herbalist doctor in the world is Doctor Moosa

Sangoma Doctor Moosa  is a powerful South African useful sangoma who can help you with life’s problems. For powerful sangoma healing and traditional healing get in touch with sangoma.

Sangoma muti by, sangoma muti for love, sangoma muti for money, sangoma muti for luck, sangoma muti for business success, sangoma muti for health problems and sangoma muti for success in life.

Sangoma training provides sangoma training to those who have the sangoma calling. To be a sangoma is not a profession but a special calling to a few, the stronger your sangoma trainer the stronger sangoma you will be.

Sangoma rituals performed by the Native Spell Healer Doctor Moosa in CapeTown sangoma rituals, traditional rituals and african traditional healer rituals used to summon the ancestral spirits for consultation, healing and divination.

Sangoma Spells by I have sangoma spells of magic, sangoma love spells, sangoma witchcraft spells, sangoma business spells, sangoma money spells and sangoma healing spells. Read More

I was HIV positive over since 1year plus

I was HIV positive over since 1year plus

Thank to dr Moosa for his good work I really believe HIV have cure I was HIV positive over since 1year plus before I come across a comment dr.Moosa that he have cure to any disease and virus but when I saw it i have it in mind that he can’t cure HIV I just decided to give a try I contact him that night lucky to me he said yes but I don’t believe him I think it was a scam or some thing like that but I still hold on to see the work of dr.Moosa if he is saying the true he ask for different things and some question about me I give him all the detail he needed and I wait to see his reply to my problem after all the things is done he ask me to go for check up I went for hiv test I cant believe I was negative the medical doctor was surprise and doctor even ask for dr Moosa email which i give to him, he is help people that contact him also he can still help you on your cure thanks dr Moosa for helping me for the cure at this young age if you need help contact him now dr see websitel! call him on +27783261944

I mixed OMULONDO and see of AMABIDA tree and enlarged some’s penis 9″ inches.

hallo gental men , and those ladies who want happiness in bed with you lovers , i thought this is the way to archive .

Top Best Traditional Healer | International|Africa

I mixed OMULONDO and Leaves of AMABIDA tree and enlarged some’s penis 9″ inches.

I mixed OMULONDO and see of MABIDA tree and enlarged some’s penis 9″ inches. some one came to me asking me to enlarge his penis  claiming his woman was always a problem with its size , then i told him ,There is  no problem with a small size a penis if you know how to use it to entertain your lover, Then he urged about my advise ,said that naturally  there are some women who are having huge elastics which no man can bear in with small penis. Okay i said . then i started to mix my tactical Omulondo and Amabida leave mixed in with salt and sugar to give a fantastic test and boiled it for some 30 minutes clean it , leave its water to cool down  a little bit and gave him for one week , he…

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i thought this might be useful to excessive drinkers and smokers.

Top Best Traditional Healer | International|Africa


A(Natural News) There are many unique factors such as life experience, social status, and family history that can drive a person towards a life of excess alcohol consumption and alcohol abuse. But one area that is almost never addressed as it pertains to alcohol abuse is malnutrition, and particularly a lack of proper nutrients for maintaining a healthy physical, mental, and emotional state. For many people, traditional rehabilitation techniques and weekly meetings with other alcohol abusers is not enough to kick the habit for good, as these methods typically address the symptoms rather than the root cause.

Though there is no one-size-fits-all regimen for curing alcohol abuse, there are a number of natural approaches that can help bring about true recovery and healing that will last. Here are six ways to help naturally kick the alcohol habit and never look back:


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phytodrug of Potentilla alba could be recommended for monotherapy

phytodrug of Potentilla alba could be recommended for monotherapy

Good news from herbal treatment

“Investigation has shown, that phytodrug of Potentilla alba could be recommended for monotherapy and for combine conservative therapy of diffuse and mix benign euthyroid goiter, and also for complex treatment of toxic and hypothyroid goiters,” concluded the researchers.

A certain Ukranian-approved herbal medicine drug made from Potentilla underwent a clinical study at the Pyatigorsk State Medicine Scientific Research Institute of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia. The study used 92 patients diagnosed with nodular or multinodular euthyroid goiter, while 36 patients were used as a control group. The tested patients were given the drug containing Potentilla alba extract drug for two months, followed by further diagnostic testing. learn more

Any woman stole your lover and still do evil witchcraft on you ?

Welcome to expert in healing and solving mostly of problems, illnesses for over 25 years experience in super natural herbs by using his fore sited ancestors to perform his miracles worldwide. This miraculous spiritual healer offers healing services which also includes emotional transformation along with life coaching for emotional freedom. He provides past lifetime healing and chronological healing. Helping elderly, disabled, handicapped, the poor and rich solving their miseries, pains, hearted and spiritual problems. So many people have been helped by him to prosper and they are praising him for being the savior to their lives. Try him you will be the one to inform others what’s behind his miracle powers.

He is a famous archery doctor who has experience over all and dealing in all aspects of spiritual healing externally and internally and all surrounded by the body and soul spirits.


Heart attack,Broken bones, chest pains, heartache,Paralyses, headache, high fever, lost memory, piles, leprosy, teeth ache, neck pains, back pains, poisons, high blood pressure, sugar diabetes, diarrhea, cancer, lung infections, strong cough, meningitis, elegies, pimples, lost appetite, eye ache, small pox, ringworm, leukemia, snake bites, birth pains, stomach pains, gonorrhea, syphilis, dysentery, shaking palsy, paralysis, epilepsy, short breathe, skin infections, cholera ,Ebola, chickenpox, accident pains, massle rejoining, clot blood,internal bleeding, external bleeding, HIV infections, HIV symptoms, glacoma,Eye infections,Blindness,red eyes, sliming, extra fats, body coldness, Broken veins, removing appearing of veins on the body, hair loss, skin infections, hair infections,viral infections, paralysis, brain cancer, Madness,shock, Etc….
Image            Image

1. I have got medicine herbs to make any women to be attractive for any boyfriend or a husband of her choice.

2.Get Amazon oil to make women soft and loving in their beds with their husbands or boyfriends.

3.I have got ancestral spiritual powers for the women who cant get pregnant and i make them to give birth.

4.Women who are very dry IN VAGINA and cant make their lovers happy during sex,make order for staff quickly.

5.Do you want to loose wight or gain wight and maintain your body size? Remmember over size is not good!! just be sexy.

6.Have you lost your husband or a boyfriend? just call famous DR musawo to bring him back to you quickly.

7.Do you have pimples on your body or any skin rush and Vaginal rush?

8.Do you want to make your lover to be yours permanently?

9.Have you got court cases for divorce and you want to win it for your favour?

10.Hire short girls or spiritual jins to bring money for you and become million richer woman.

11. Do you want to get married with your lover?,just ask for marriage spiritual ring. your husband or boyfriend got a lot of lovers?and you want them to separate or break up their relationship. just call for a help.

12. Have you got any a problem witch is making you not to sleep everyday and you are disappointed by other doctors or healers? Try the only trusted and registered international spiritual herbalist healer famous Dr.MUSAWO worldwide for all domestic ,human,or any financial problem.

13. any woman stole your lover and still do evil witch on you ? thats disrespectful, do something about it.

14 Do you fill vaginal pains during having sex?

15. Do you get periods pain?

16. Do you get over flow during periods or long time bleeding more that normal periods time? Lets heal it naturally.

17. Do you dream while having sex with some one a stranger or people you dont know? Thats bad spirits. come get help.


Drmoosa traveled to London (United Kingdom)

Drmoosa traveled to London (United Kingdom)

i traveled to London (United Kingdom)  to herbalist conference.

People participated fully to that conference and  someone asked me doctor moosa please  what is the secret of what you are using to heal people all around the world ? people comes to us asking us whether are we doctor Moosa ? because you are the only one they know  recognizable to the best tradition herbalist healer!  I answered that using products and powers is  differently categorically depends on something which deeply points to our back roots of our forefather’s however am not acting alone on this matter but i relay on my powerful ancestral spirits which provides me with knowledge of understanding the formula of healing.


Capability of healing herbs

Do you know the capability of healing herbs?

 Do not look further for healing solutions. Just take a look of what you can solve with it.

Dr moos also have the mixed herbal remedies  which  he refine it into charms and categorized  into many ways of healing to produce sensuality results to cure defiant diseases like:- Asthma, Diabetes, HIV&AIDS, Blood pressure, long illnesses, Cancer, lung infection, and many more..  see kind of problems capable of healing /solving below.

Or   click here 

All unfinished jobs by other healers or doctors, if not satisfied, just come to him to help you.

The herbal  remedies he also gets out of  wild animal’s food (grass) are extremely very strong which can cure almost all types ailments in human bodies. S o try it and see.

Finding balance and happiness in lifeSolving demonic energy and other types of negative energy.

· Fulfill your life’s high purpose and destiny

· Bring back your lost lover even if lost for a long time.

· Eliminating family fights between family members and ensure peace and harmony at home

· Marriage with eternal happiness.

· Attract customers to your business and turn your trade into a favorite among clients.

· Bring to you see your enemies and make demands

· Ensure that a single person gets a perfect partner in a shortest time.

· Remove the black spot in your hands that keeps taking away your luck and money

· Find out why you’re not progressing in your life and the solution.

Stop your marriage or affair from breaking apart.

Cleanse you space, business, land, home.

Get help with court cases

Want your lover back?

Need more money?

Early ejaculation

Men and women problems


Bring back lost lover or find you a heart desire 

Promotion at work

Body stroke and any kind of injuries

Is you penis small? Well I can get it to the size you want in just a week.

Have a serious problem that needs fixing?Attract Customers To Your Business

Bewitched And Skin Diseases

Bring Back Lost Love.

Enlargement Creams For Men

Ensure Success In Your Business

Family and home problems

Marriage problems

Business problems

Financial problems

Healthy problems

Early ejaculation

Men and women problems


Bring back lost lover or find you a heart desire 

Promotion at work

Body stroke and any kind of injuries

Is you penis small? Well I can get it to the size you want in just a week.

Get a promotion at work

Get Twins As Many As You Wish Guaranty

Marry Your Dream Lover

Penis enlargement creams for men

Recover Stolen Properties “Guaranteed results”

Remove Bad Spells

Speak to your own ancestors

Spiritual problems

Swollen Body, Painful Joints

Win Any Kind Of Court Case. 100% Guaranteed!



Bad Dreams

Bad Luck

Bad Memories , Stress

Bad Performance At School

Bring Back Lost Lover

Court Cases.

Dad Debts

Daily Accidents In Life.


Domestic Problems

Evil Eyes,

Financial Problems,

Hate Lade

He Brings Back Stolen Goods. Protects From Robberies And


He Fight Witchcraft

He Gives Luck

He Removes Evil Demons In House

He Treats Body Pains

Hiv Infections


Long Illness


Menstruation Pains

Pregnancy Difficulties, Miscarriages

Satanism And Many More.

Sexual Problems, Early Ejaculation

Solving Demonic Energy, Negativity In Life

Get Rid Of Alcohol, Smoking And Drugs

Cast wide range of spell.

Translating dreams (free)

Abortion  (for your choice only)


Others areDiabetes, diarrhea, cancer, lung infections, strong cough, meningitis, elegies, pimples, lost appetite, eye ache, small pox, ringworm, leukemia, snake bites, birth pains, stomach pains, gonorrhea, syphilis, dysentery, shaking palsy, paralysis, epilepsy, short breathe, skin infections,

Remember that:

He  abilities or power are based on the facts and honesty with dignified skills of good handling to his customers which directly connected or an incarnation of an ancestral spirits or guide and being a manifestation of an inherited spirit allows  him to thus have a direct line with the universe and open to all channels of communication. He has successful trained many traditional healers,herbalists, spiritual healers especially those who are born with mystical ancestral powers but haven’t mastered how to handle understandings of the calls of their ancestral callings and translate their signs. So if you know that you are one of the gifted and you feel a signs of your ancestral calling,please do yourself a favor, and rush to him to help because it might ruin your life forever and its a right thing to do.  look at his profile here


Healing with herbs is very essential

What Conditions can a Herbalist Treat?

specials are always available.

special herbal centerWe Herbalists can treat any condition you might take to your GP. We are trained to recognize when a condition should be referred for further investigation. Herbalists may also be consulted about advice and herbs for general good health or for specific health questions such as sports training needs.

•Hormones out of balance – the holistic style of herbalism is particularly effective for addressing problems related to the menstrual cycle, menopause, thyroid, prostate blood sugar control and diabetes. Find out more

Joint problems – By addressing the underlying causes as well as the symptoms, herbalists can often help you gain considerable improvement in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, aching and swollen joints
•Cardiovascular conditions – Herbalists combine a wonderful range of herbs, with nutrition and lifestyle advice to effectively address problems such as poor circulation, high blood pressure (hypertension), varicose veins, haemorrhoids etc.
•Depression – Herbal remedies have been shown to be as effective as orthodox drugs for treating mild to moderate depression, however, herbalists will always do more than just treat the symptoms. As far as possible, the underlying causes of your depression will be assessed and treated or advised on.
•Fatigue – This is a very common problem. Many aspects of the modern lifestyle can come together to sap your energy, or cause energy slumps. However, during your consultation the role of these factors in your condition will be assessed, in order to address your problems in the most effective way.
•Stress and anxiety – These are problems in themselves, but are also factors in many other conditions. Herbalists can very effectively treat the symptoms of stress and anxiety and help you to address the underlying causes.
•Weight Problems – Just eating less, is rarely the answer to healthy weight loss. Specific nutritional advice will be combined with herbs, nutritional medicine and gentle exercise to help control glucose and insulin metabolism. This will help you lose weight in a healthy way, without being prey to constant cravings or depression. There are many benefits to this approach, including more energy, better quality sleep, less anxiety, more mental clarity and long-term weight control.
•Insomnia – There are many causes of insomnia. Although there are a number of herbs which will help you sleep, a herbalist will always examine and treat the underlying causes as well.
•Urinary problems – The holistic style of herbalism means that even chronic, intractible urinary tract problems can often be treated successfully.
•Skin problems – These are often more than skin deep. Problems such as psorriasis, dermatitis, eczema and lichen planus often respond very well to the holistic style of medical herbalism.
•Allergies – Herbalists will always explore and address the underlying causes of allergies. Permanent improvement can be achieved in conditions like hay fever, asthma and eczema by changing the way the body responds to allergens.
•Respiratory problems – Herbalists have a wealth of herbs and nutritional strategies to improve respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis, and reduce the need for orthodox medication. In the case of asthma, these will often be combined with breathing exercises.
•Poor immunity – Herbalists treat this condition holistically, considering nutritional status, stress levels and lifestyle and strengthening and stimulating the immune system with herbs.
•Auto-immune conditions – There are a number of herbs which strengthen and support the immune system. Herbalists use these in conjunction with herbal and nutritional strategies for relieving the immune system of irritants and reducing inflammatory responses in the body. Herbalists always explore the underlying causes of your condition.
•Other conditions – there are many conditions not listed, which herbalists are able to treat, please phone: +27783261944 or Email if you would like to discuss your condition.

However herbal remedies for specific ailments  can also be attained.


why say you cant get cured while God gave us herbal medicine to cure us?
why say you cant get cured while God gave us herbal medicine to cure us?


Heart attack,Broken bones, chest pains, heartache,Paralyses, headache, high fever, lost memory, piles, leprosy, teeth ache, neck pains, back pains, poisons, high blood pressure, sugar diabetes, diarrhea, cancer, lung infections, strong cough, meningitis, elegies, pimples, lost appetite, eye ache, small pox, ringworm, leukemia, snake bites, birth pains, stomach pains, gonorrhea, syphilis, dysentery, shaking palsy, paralysis, epilepsy, short breathe, skin infections, cholera & Etc….

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